Leadership Camp Secondary Wing

To nurture and instill in the students – self-confidence, team spirit and camaraderie – leadership camp was held in the pristine environs of Agra from 23rd May to 26th May, 2016.The team of students was escorted by Ms. Ritu Sharma, Ms. Ashima Sharma and Mr Nitin. An array of activities such as interactive sessions, team building games, group work projects, rappelling and the ‘Flying Fox’ set the tempo right and kept the children ticking. These activities helped the budding leaders gain insight into their own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The beauty of the Taj Mahal left the students awestruck.

The leadership camp was an enriching, power-packed, elevating, inspirational and heartening experience for the students. The participants, revitalized with energy and brimming with leadership knowhow, returned to school to put to action all that they had learnt.

The future leaders of DPSG, Secondary Wing attended a Leadership Camp at Dugadda (Lansdowne) in Uttarakhand. The camp instilled in the young leaders qualities like teamwork, patience, spirit of tolerance, effectiveness, assertiveness and communication skills to enable them to face the challenges and take up new responsibilities. The camp provided the future pioneers an opportunity for self introspection and self analysis as well. The group revitalized with energy and brimming with leadership is ready to put to action all that they have learnt.