Education at all levels is viewed today as an acquisition of skills rather than bookish knowledge. As such, the curriculum imposes the imperative of including in it a variety of activities that impart skills that can form the basis for a career later on. It is with the purpose to create a unique educational platform and environment that facilitates and encourages the spirit of enquiry, creativity and moral leadership that we have interspersed art and sports into the curriculum with the aim of engaging all the learners, while enthusing and challenging them. Developing creativity and stimulating imagination among the learners are the common threads of curriculum. Use of technology both by the facilitator and the learners has been emphasized throughout the curriculum, preparing and developing learners thinking for the world of tomorrow. A complete transformation in the way teaching learning takes place has been brought about by using innovative practices. The concept of flipped classrooms literally turns the traditional education on its head that has effectively implemented higher order skills in the classroom. Saturdays are used in a productive way by the students as a Home Study day. Arrangements are made to allocate one period in the time table on Friday, so that the teacher can not only discuss the way assignment needs to be done by the students, but also advise the learners on how to use the Student Study Material effectively. Teachers prepare assignments that are supported by study materials that are uploaded in the form of lecture videos, PPTs, Web links, etc for the students to access them 24x7.