Trips & Excursions Primary Wing

On 27th September 2019,a group of sixteen students from classes IV,V and VI got an enviable opportunity to visit the BrahMos Aerospace, New Delhi.

BrahMos, the fastest supersonic cruise missile developed as a joint venture between Russia and India left the students ‘in awe’ by its sheer magnificence and supremacy. They were intrigued by the name ‘Brahmos’which is a portmanteau(a linguistic blend of words) formed from the names of two rivers ,the Brahmaputra of India and the Moskva of Russia.

The visit to the Kalam Museum was the ‘icing on the cake’. The learners were overwhelmed by the humble beginnings of the great man’s life and his journey to being the most accomplished scientist and the greatest President ever. Dr.Sudhir K.Mishra, CEO &MD, BrahMos Aerospace enriched the experience by narrating anecdotes  from his ‘days with Dr.Kalam’. The visit left an indomitable mark on the young, impressionable minds.  

Japan Foundation Visit

A team of 60 students from classes IV to X escorted by Mr. Upendra Pandey went to the Japan Foundation, New Delhi on 22nd April, 2016 to witness the Origami Exhibition. The students got an opportunity to watch a Japanese movie. The session on Origami proved to be an enriching one as they learnt to make several origami objects. The topic of this Origami Exhibition was “Panchtatva” or Five Elements i.e. Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Sky.

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