Trips & Excursions Starz

Visit to postoffice

Our little twinkling lites from grade 2 were out on exploration of neighbourhood places. Brimming with enthusiasm on World Postal day today, they visited the city’s central Post Office at Navyug Market. The inquisitive minds posted a self addressed festival greeting in the letter box right there, to understand the journey of a letter from letter box till final destination. 
The young seekers were surprised to know the wide array of services provided by the post office which includes postcards, inland letters, speed post and different saving accounts. 

Visit to supermarket

Trips and visits play an important role in learning. A short tour to the supermarket “Big Bazaar” by the students of STARZ helped them about a one stop shop which could cater to all their needs. It helps to link the classroom experiences with the outside world. They saw a wide variety of goods and food which help them to understand the different types of things available in the supermarket. They had fun time exploring all the things under one roof.


Class prep had a lifetime experience during their visit to the zoo. It gave our tiny tots a deep insight and understanding of how to take care of our environment as it has a significant impact on the lives and welfare of animals. It also helped them to learn about the importance of conservation and animal care.